We needed a poll to find out people dislike the Beeb?

Bieber is an ass and a disgrace to pop music! I am not into censorship but this shit should be censored. I am so thankful that my child never was a #Belieber-but was a #nonBelieber!

Check out this link.  It is about a poll people took expressing their dislike of the DoucheBeeb:



Justin Bieber Douche

New version of #tebowing

Now that we know that Tim Tebow cannot make it in the NFL.  And for some reason, he thinks he is still playing for the Florida Gators. Tebow must have done something really bad to piss off his GOD because the man has lackluster talent at the quarterback position, especially for the NFL.

Since Tebow recently has been fired by the New York Jets, this should give new meaning to the TWITTER trend of #tebowing. Now, when someone is fired or laid off, it should be referred to as #tebowing. People should flood TWITTER with images of themselves, or others, carrying boxes of personal belongings or holding signs-“NEED A JOB”.



Insecure Georgia man-arrested!

Richard "Dick" Wilt

Richard “Dick” Wilt

Obviously, this Georgia guy has some issues, maybe penis envy. A car with two women passes him after he is driving like an asshole. Obviously his manhood was in question, so he follows these women and shoots at them. Douchebag!! Moron!! And someone let this idiot have a gun. I’m sure the Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment for jackasses like this douche.
Ok. I know I’m using a lot of harsh words for this guy-but he deserves it. I bet you the #NRA are calling him the same names-if not worst!!

#GAmoron #smallpenis
Driver charged for allegedly shooting at 2 women.