Is that a “Coach” bag or is that a “Couch” bag?

Red Leather Coach Handbag, Small

Recently, I visited the local flea market with my wife, who was trying to hock some of our goods. See, we are moving and we need to lighten our load, and a VHS tape of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is no longer a cherished possession in our video collection.
As I was there, helping unload our “treasures”, I noticed the booths around us. They all had handbags and other assorted bags hanging and strewn across the tables. I’m not trying to stereotype, but these booths were occupied by Asian American people and I heard a foreign language echoing through the area. I looked at the goods, and I thought they resembled designer handbags. But that could not be! Last year, a town next to this flea market, was raided by the police and they confiscated boxes and boxes of counterfeit goods. These bags had to be the REAL DEAL—even though all the boxes surrounding the booths were stamped “Made in China”. I know, those boxes were for storage purposes. Right? These people wouldn’t dare sell counterfeit handbags, especially when their booths were less than 10o yards away from a sign stating:

…No vendor shall sell any counterfeit products….

Maybe because they didn’t speak English, or it was limited, that they could not read the sign. Either that, the owners of the flea market are getting a fee from the vendors, so they look the other way OR they do not know that a “Coach” (in this case, probably a “Co  ach” or “Couch”) handbag is not less than $35.

(Note: I wish I had pictures. Sorry. This rant didn’t come to me until after I left the flea market. But anyone who has been to a flea market knows what I am talking about.)


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